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My experience with Marli was great! We attended Spelman College together where we both majored in Economics, so I trusted her expertise. She helped revamp my resume and about one month later, I received a job offer for Coca Cola. She even went the extra mile to create 2 different versions of my resume so it would fit the companies I chose to apply to. Definitely recommend!

Shavon S.

Marli’s Career Services Business served as a huge help to me when I was applying for a job. In a prompt and timely manner I received a perfected resume and cover letter! I was very pleased with the exceptional results she delivered. Marli went above and beyond to help me stand out to the hiring manger and secured my first interview with the company I applied to! I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking advice on a resume, cover letter, or their career in general.

Joslyn S.

I came across this talented young Black Woman through her viral tweet that listed her services and results. I had just left one job to pursue more and I thought why not give it a shot. With her very similar background, I already gained a sense of trust in her integrity and skill set. She was not only pleasant, her customer service was impeccable. She was timely and make sure to give me quality and made sure my services were custom and fitting to my needs. I can't wait to share her on my network and work together again! It was a pleasure, thank you. Not to mention I have been having a great return on this investment. The offers just keep coming!

Breanna G.

My experience working with Marli was great! I love the fact that she’s committed to helping people find jobs and building better resumes. Marli was professional, fast, and made sure my resume details were on point! After receiving my resume back, not even a week later I landed an interview with Sprint! I’m now a Sprint employee and I’m very happy I reached out for her assistance.

Siera J.

Great template that addressed the industry I was recruiting for (and brought to light my skills spoken and unspoken for), which allowed me to effortlessly adjust my cover letter for each company I was applying to as opposed to having to create a cover letter for each company I applied to. Thanks Marli!

Lalah J.

Thank you so much for setting me on the right path in with a professional resume. I have received tons of feedback on the fluidity and neatness. The cool blue and clean font is great. I have scheduled numerous interviews and cant wait to land something huge!

Mason S.